A long tradition, authentic flavors

The Red Gold

La San Marzano

Amore e Qualità

Naturalmente Campani

The San Marzano Tomato

Tomato Royalty


The San Marzano Tomato harvested in Italy is prized for its distinctive taste and exceptional nutritional value. There is no other like it in the world!

  • It contains high levels of C Vitamin
  • Its typical red color comes from A Vitamin (beta-carotene)
  • It contains Vitamines in group B
  • It is rich in minerals

La San Marzano è prodotto da

Since 1972

From humble origins and dedication to the land, Antonio Romano’s dream becomes reality in 1983 when La Regina di San Marzano di Antonio Romano is born.

A rich product

Our products are uniquely singular – the unmistakable taste of authentic San Marzano tomato anchored with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.


From our start in Italy, our company has grown and now serves markets not only in Europe, but also North America. The Romano Family has made the La Regina brand a market leader due to superior quality of the natural ingredients and the commitment of every employee. We are proud to export the culinary tradition of Southern Italy all over the world.

The Best Quality

The difference: Our dedication paired with the high quality and remarkable flavor of our raw ingredients – direct from Italy.


Summer Fancy Food 2018

This year, as for the previous editions, La Regina has been a key player, proving itself as a leader in the industry, bringing to North America the true taste of Italy.

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International Pizza Expo 2018

La Regina di San Marzano is ready to participate to the biggest and most important B2B show in the pizza industry.

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La Regina al Summer Fancy Food show 2017

The Summer Fancy Food is the biggest event dedicated to Specialty Foods in North America.

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