With a tradition of 45 years
For more than four decades, our name has been associated with high quality and great taste.

In 1972 Antonio Romano, a man of humble beginnings, embarked on his entrepreneurial journey. Working hard and focusing on the continually improving the products of his land, he made the investment in devoting his career to the San Marzano tomato.

As the years pass, his passion, commitment and dream become a reality when in 1983, the brand La Regina di San Marzano is born. As the brand grew, Antonio continued to focus on tradition, love for the land and a constant pursuit of quality.  These values where then passed on to his son, Felice Romano – the current CEO of the company. Thanks to a strong entrepreneurial attitude and strong family origins, Felice Romano, his sons Antonio, Natalina and Luigi, have made La Regina a world-wide success.

Today, La Regina exports its products throughout the world, from Europe to United States, Canada and Asia.

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