A generous land
It all starts with the volcanic soil that feeds the fields on which our ingredients are planted and grown.

The ancient land of Campania Felix has been known since the Roman era for its earthy soil and rich minerals. We are specifically located in the valley of Mount Vesuvius, the heralded soil known for growing the famous San Marzano tomato.

Our ripe and sweet tomatoes are the base and essence of our products. We nurse them from the seeding and carefully monitor each phase of the growing cycle. They are specially grown with a mulching technique - preventing them from being in contact with the soil and its acidity. When it is time to harvest, we hand pick and pack our product so that all the aroma and tastes of Italy are captured naturally. When we handcraft our pastas sauces, we use fresh raw ingredients including our pure olive oil produced in the southern oil mills, as well as delicate onions, Neapolitan Basil, fresh herbs, other local fresh vegetables, and the finest cheeses.

Our products are prepared in the simplest, most genuine, and natural way. The same way we prepare our sauces at home.